hyaluron - idratante intensivo
Intensive Cellular Renewer

DESCRIPTION: Turbo-Beauty Ampoul with pure Retinol-Vitamni A, which is well known for his effective properties for cell renewal. The skin's complexion is smoothed and appears firmer and fuller. This light, oily ampoule instantly improves flaky, callous and eczema-prone skin complexions every day. The texture gives immediate confort and can be applied also on the neck.

WHO CAN USE IT:  perfect for dry and demanding skins, this products fights the ageing effects such as lines, imperfections, dark spots. Skin instantly looks smooth and tonic, the results are immediate, You can see them and feel them! Dark spots will start to fade after few applications.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply half/one ampoule on face and neck performing a gentle massage.  Ideal as a night treatment.
Use in the evening on clean skin before applying the usual cream.