hyaluron - idratante intensivo
OMEGA 3-6-9
Everything that healthy skin needs!

DESCRIPTION: Restorative beauty elixir containing hempseed oil (omega-3), linoleic/linolenic acid (omega-6), olive oil (omega-9). The concentration of these unsaturated fats is over 90%. These three vegetable omega fatty acids are well-known for their balancing and restorative effect on the organism, and are essential for the vitality and healthy protection of the skin.

WHO CAN USE IT: Ideal for lovers of reach textures, dry and sensitive skins that need special care, skins under stress due to  particular situations such as menopause or others that can modify the natural body balance.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply one ampoule on face and neck performing a gentle massage.
1-2 times a day, morning and/or evening on clean skin before applying the usual cream.

IMPORTANT: bifasic ampoule, shake well before opening it!