hyaluron - idratante intensivo
golden repair
Non stop lifting

DESCRIPTION: Luxury beauty ampoule containing pure gold, salmon-caviar extract and biological yeast. Energizing ampoule concentrate with unique lifting effect. Gold boosts intracellular metabolism, re-energizes and imbues a vivid look. Caviar and a rich Repair Complex pamper the skin with maximum care. The demanding skin gains elasticity, radiance and freshness.

WHO CAN USE IT:  for all those skins that have lost their natural elasticity and that need extra care. Suitable to all demanding skins looking dehydrated and dull, that show already first ageing signs.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply one ampoule on face and neck performing a gentle massage. Wait a few minutes before applying regular cream. Apply regularly 1 – 2 times a week, morning and/or night.