hyaluron - idratante intensivo
The most effective for new tissue strength

DESCRIPTION:This ampoule serum was developed to reduce wrinkles and restore the skin’s elasticity – as if lifted. Elastin is the ideal active agent for demanding, atrophic and poorly perfused skin and for men’s grooming.
Elastin protects against the ageing of the elastic fibres. It smoothes the surface structure, improves skin turgor and gives early protection from wrinkle formation.

WHO CAN USE IT: Ideal for demanding skins, for all those people that sees their skin less firm and want to make less visible fine wrinkles  and expressions lines with turning to surgery. BIBO ELASTIN fights the ageing effects and prevents line and wrinkles' formations, smoothing the skin for an immediate lifting effect. This light texture is also recommended for men's skins.

HOW TO USE IT:Apply one ampoule on face and neck performing a gentle massage.
1-2 times a day, morning and/or evening on clean skin before applying the usual cream.