hyaluron - idratante intensivo
Intensive Regeneration

DESCRIPTION: Turbo- Beauty ampoule for mature and demanding skin. The extract comprising 100% pure live caviar cells rich in protein, lipids and vitamins, support the micro-circulation of the skin, promotes new cells formation, increases its water binding capacity and smoothes wrinkles.

WHO CAN USE IT: ideal for all those dehydrated and dry skins. Thanks to the ingredients, skin immediatly feels softer and fresher in an instant. Wrinkles are less visible and skin more tonic, her structure is strengthened at the same time, leaving the facial contours looking firmer and tauter.

HOW TO USE IT: Apply half/one ampoule on face and neck performing a gentle massage.
1-2 times a day, morning and/or evening on clean skin before applying the usual cream.