hyaluron - idratante intensivo
eye lifting
Perfect Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule for the eye area

DESCRIPTION: Developed for inelastic-looking, sensitive and tired skin. Gives the eye area an immediately noticeable lifting effect, new vitality, suppleness and elasticity. Reduces irritation and dryness. Ultra-delicate texture, contains no spreading oils (cannot flow into the region of the mucous membrane of the eye).

WHO CAN USE IT: Ideal for every skin type, especially for those with very sensitive skin who cannot tolerate any other eye cream. Give an immediate healthy look and glow to tired looking skins who lost their elasticity. Can be used before applying make-up.

HOW TO USE IT: Put a small amount of BIBO EYE LIFTING on a hand and apply the product on the eye contour using finger tips, tapping gently on the skin from the inside of the eye toward the outside area.
1-2 times a day, morning and/or evening on clean skin.